Packets by Carol Earle

Price is
 $ 8.00 includes shipping and handling

send check or money order to
Carol Earle
PO Box 36
Oakdale, Ca  95361
Flower Basket... Watercolor.. 11x15  
'National Pride'  16 x 20 canvas
with acrylic and Oil Paint
'Retired"  Watercolor      11 x 15
'Serenity in the Forest'
Acrylic and Oil painting on 16 x 20
11 x 14 canvas with Acrylic and Oil glazes
teaching in Seattle North
'we Three Penguins" Oil 11 x 14

'Penguin Party'  11 x 14  acrylic/ Oil
Charging Elephant
oil    16 x 20
'Geraniums in Bucket on Stump'.
Watercolor.. 11 x 15
Sunset tides.. 16 x 20
Oil or Acrylic..
11x15    Watercolor
'the Scarecrow selling Pumpkins'
Field of Poppies.. 11 x 15
I will be available after Feb 2010
teaching at the Creative Convention in
Las Vegas  in Feb  
Sunset Palm
16 x 20 acrylic/oil
mixing the pastel nature..
Available after Feb. 2010
Teaching at the Creative
Painting Convention in Las
Vegas  check upcoming
events on my site
' Geraniums in milk can'
11 x 15  watercolor
Packets include
pattern, list of  colors and brushes
Picture of project and  procedure of painting
sizes and medium under project
'Lilacs in vase'  Acrylic and Oil 16 x 20
'Oregon Coast'  16 x 20  acrylic / Oil
'Iris Garden'  11 x 14  Oil
teaching in passadena 2011
;Grapes of Wrath'  11 x 15 watercolor
'Spring Calf' 11 x 15  watercolor

teaching in Passadena 2011
'Flower Box'    Acrylic  16 x 20
'Seascape Sunset' 16 x 20
acrylic / Oil
The Aquarium.. not for sale..
teaching at the Creative Painting
Convention in Las vegas 2012
The Sly old Fox  16 x 20 Canvas
Acrylic and Oil instructions
Koi   Acrylic and OIl.. 16 x 20 teaching in Passadena